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Let’s pretend you’re kinky, stylish and have some money to spend. Now, of course the first thing you’d want to invest in is… a bed. Right? Or, in the words of the DungeonBeds website: “1/3 of your life is spent in bed. Shouldn’t that time be fun too?” Well, yeah. Cannot argue with that. And even if you cannot afford their beds , which I can totally imagine (as they are in the $3.000-4000 price range), it’s still a fun place to be and fantasize. So, let me introduce you.

What Dungeonbeds is all about?

Well, it’s all in the name. Dungeon-beds. As so many others, this company specializes in practical furniture that can be used both in and outside of play time. The reason why I want to discuss this business instead of others, is that they manage to combine stylish design, customizability and a lot of practical features. The idea is pretty simple: you start with a bed. Then you choose size, color.. and then the fun starts: depending on your kink, you’ll want to invest in some of their features, which includes St. Andrew’s cross, slings, extra bars and… candleholders? But I’m getting ahead of myself: first things first.


The beds themselves have a beautiful design. As always, I’m not going to show you every single bed they have, but just introduce you to my favorites. You can find all bed designs on this page here.

The beds come in four different sizes and a very impressive 23 different color options. But those aren’t the fun customizations! Do you see the weird shapes of the center bars in the headboard of the Faultline? Yeah, those are built-in candle holders. No more struggling to find a place for your burning candles during wax play! (see pictures below) The height of the bed can be changed (for easy access to the sub, or to allow for a cage under the mattress). You can add restraint hoops, and customize pretty much everything. And that is before you get to the add-ons!

The attachments

No matter how practical they might be, if these beds just came with candle holders they would hardly be worth the cost, would they? But no, depending on your needs and desires (and I mean those in the kinkiest sense), there are many more features you can add. For example: the rings in the top of the frame aren’t just useful for rope and cuffs, you can also get bars that go through them. Of course, there are cage dividers for the responsible pet or slave owner. You can add a sling, which is neat for almost all of the kinks… And no self-respecting kink furniture webstore can survive without the St. Andrew’s Cross, which in this case comes with brackets so they can easily be attached to the bedframe, and with wheels so you can change the angle. Really, these attachments are where it’s at!

In conclusion

Though the price is pretty steep, these are some of the most stylish and customizable pieces of furniture on the market. With a bed like this, the kinky possiblities are endless. And just looking at them and the different options will let your imagination run wild. So, if you’re bored, or shopping, or fantasizing and want some tools? Certainly check out the Dungeonbeds webshop. That’s it for now, but I’ll leave you with one more image: the beautiful Folsom Cage Dining Table. Enjoy!

Dungeonbeds Folsom Cage Table
Folsom Cage Dining Table

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