If you have read my about me page, you know my goal for this blog: to share my passion for BDSM. However, this blog is designed in such a way, that you can make Kinkstarter work for you!

Whether you are new to BDSM and want to learn more about it, or are experienced and want to incorporate it more in your down-time, this is the place to go. The Kinkstarter blog works with categories and tags, and even in-text links like Wikipedia. The “What’s your kink” tag cloud on the right sidebar gives you specific topics (with the amount of blogposts on the topic in brackets) so you can easily find inspiration catered to your specific tastes.

You can also make Kinkstarter work for you if you are hanging out and want to watch a BDSM movie, or read a book. Just go to the preferred category on the right and check out all the films or books I recommended in the past. This blog can help you shop for toys, plan a night out…

It can help you incorporate BDSM in more parts of your life.

Make the Kinkstarter SM (Social Media) work for you

So how about Social media?

Making the Kinkstarter Facebook work

Follow Kinkstarter on Facebook if you want to read longer articles about kinks and get more background information about the topics on my posts. For example, in my post on the storytelling video Lucky by the hilarious Mollena Williams-Haas, I only talked about this specific performance where she talked about her Master-slave relationship. However, more recently a documentary came out about her and her Master/husband. These background stories are shared on Facebook. Additionally, of course, through Facebook I will tell you when I uploaded a new blogpost.

Doing more with SFW Instagram

On the Kinkstarter Instagram, I share new projects by my favorite BDSM authors, and kink-related humor. It’s all pretty nice and SFW (Suitable for Work). The exception is the Kinkstarter Instagram Stories, where I share the hottest BDSM pictures on the platform, with mainly a lot of shibari (Japanese bondage) and leather. Because isn’t that kind of what the BDSM aesthetic is all about?

Going wild on NSFW Tumblr

Anyone familiar with the platform will understand that the Kinkstarter Tumblr is quite different from Facebook and Instagram, in that it is definitely NSFW. On Tumblr, I share texts and images about the lifestyle, sexy and kinky pictures and tips by BDSM gurus. Perfect to scroll through at night on the couch. Not so much when standing next to the water cooler or sitting in a lecture hall.

Getting more with Kinkstarter on SFW Pinterest

If my one-post-a-week is not enough for you, just follow the Kinkstarter Pinterest. Here, I share lists of the best BDSM novels and movies; share pictures of my favorite toys; and share kinky quotes and humor. Of all the social media platforms, Pinterest is the one where I post the most. It is also the platform where you can find the widest range of possible kinky topics.

Read all things kink on Flipboard

Some people start their day reading the newspaper, but I think a BDSM magazine is way more fun! If you really want to stay up-to date with the latest kinky news and toys and have a running feed of the best kinky blogposts, check out the Kinkstarter magazine on Flipboard. This one is updated daily and gives you a whole lot of information and fun: from how-to’s to reviews and current events.

The Kinkstarter world

Everything you need to make your life a little bit more kinky can be found in the right side bar. Subscribe for e-mail notifications about new posts, or follow Kinkstarter on social media to get the same thing and more. And do not forget to share. Because you never know who might benefit from a bit more kink in their lives as well. 😉