First week of Kinktober 2020 -my favorite artworks

Anyone who’s heard of Kinkstarter knows that we LOVE kinktober. So much, in fact, that the blog’s come out of hibernation just to report on this special time of the year. In this post, I’ll give you the round up of my favorite artworks with the #kinktober, from the first week of kinktober 2020!

For those not in the know: this is what Kinktober is about.

In the month of October, artists upload a new work every day (or attempt to). The artists follow β€œprompts,” lists of themes with every kink imaginable. The idea is that everyone creates an artwork around the same theme. However, there are many prompt lists out there, so there is a huge variety in the themes that showed up in our timeline. And, consequently, on Kinkstarter’s Kinktober 2020 Pinterest board (also displayed in the right sidebar).

Enough introducing, let’s dive right into my favorite submissions in the first week of kinktober 2020!

Kamira_kelechi’s Butterfly

This one gave you some pause, didn’t it? It took me some time to figure it out as well. But once I did, I couldn’t help but love it. And really, what’s there not to love? The negative black-and-white color scheme is awesome. The shape truly does resemble that of a butterfly. And the bodies are melting into each other, suggesting intimacy and unity. Oh, and rope. We love rope. So yes, this was certainly one of my favorites!

Asano_art’s Aphrodisiacs

I’ll have what she’s having!

This one is very different from the first, but not less impressive. The color scheme and the detail, though apparently rather typical of this artist, really caught my eye in the long list of sketches (because one artwork a day can be a lot!) that crossed my instagram feed. I love the facial expression, the addition of plants and flowers… And the shading on the legs shouldn’t work but absolutely does! Honestly, I wouldn’t mind having this hanging on my wall.

Nekroticism’s Spanking

This one is mostly in here because it made me laugh. Not only does this nun (is it?) have the most beautiful body, she seems incredibly cheerful! I’m guessing the spanking was meant to serve as punishment and now she’s been absolved? At least, that would explain her grin and halo… This one’s not only fun, but beautifully executed as well. It just makes me happy.

Ambigou.illustrations’ crossdress

Speaking of fun… I really like the way that this artist only needs a close up to tell an entire story. Even though we only see part of it, this body just WORKS. Everything is in proportion, there’s no awkward angles.. And that effect is difficult to achieve even if you draw an entire body. Let alone only piece of it. The splash of color in the heel really offsets the black-and-white scheme of the rest of the picture. And the little chain really is a nice touch. This is some great work. πŸ™‚

Thebriarcrow’s Obey

As the artist says: “the drawn on eyeballs make me laugh.” But, here again, so does the expression of utter delight on the character’s face! There’s so much happy anticipation of what is coming next, that you cannot help but be delighted with her. And this really begs the question: who obeys whom? I like the nose, I like the lip-biting and the hands almost seem to move with impatience. This picture is alive with kinkloving.

Afterdusk_art’s Shibari

All I can really say about this one is THAT COLOR!!! I love the color, I love the texture and I’m in love with the subtle but clearly present presence of the rope. It really goes to show that you don’t need to wrap your characters in rope just to get your point across. And then there’s the pose: the character’s clearly presenting themselves to the audience… Yes, I’m a fan.

First week of kinktober roundup

Based on this list of artworks, I’d say this is looking to be yet another successful Kinktober! A special thanks to the artists who gave me permission to show their work, and who make this job so much fun. This really is one of my favorite months of the year. And if you want to celebrate with me, keep an eye on my instagram story (where I share my favorite submissions every day) and the Kinktober 2020 pinterest board!

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