Geeky Sex Toys 2 – Pokémoan and Super heroes

I first talked about Geeky Sex toys in this Halloween sex toys blogpost. However, for the rest of the year they have equally amazing sex toys, if you happen to be a bit of a geek. Whether you are a fan of Pokémo(a)n, Doctor Who/Screw, Star Wars/Toys, Game of Thrones/Moans, or Marvel Superheroes, keep reading because I have a treat. So, without further ado, here we go.

Geeky Sex Toys’ “Pokémoan”

This is the most popular and most talked about line of products from Geeky Sex Toys. And it is no wonder. By now, a whole generation has grown up being obsessed with this show. And who can forget that month where everyone got plenty of exercise because of the game? (Before we collectively decided we were too lazy, of course…)

Well, this line of Pokémon products does not require you to leave the house. (Though with the Pikachu one you can..) So let’s dive right in (heh!) with these two beautiful and geeky dildo’s. They are both subtle in their own ways: “Bulby” is subtle enough in its geekiness that if you want to hide your Pokékink (#pokékink) from a partner, you can still get away with it. Though this is harder to do with “Squirty,” this one looks less like a dildo. So it’s a toy that your mother can find without causing a lot of embarrassment. It’s just decorative! Boy, do these Geeky Sex Toys folks now how to cater to a variety of audiences!

Speaking of practical: my favorite Pokémoan toy is the “Piky,” a buttplug basically designed for role play. Dressing up as Pikachu was never this easy: just pop in your tail and you’re done! I wonder though… Would this still technically fall in the “pet play” category, as this pet is fictional? And I imagine a Pikachu-pet would be a bit on the bratty side, right? Hm, the kinky options are limitless.

Geeky Sex Toys' "Spiky." The Pikachu butt-plug.

Geeky Sex Toys’ Superheroes

You can’t spell geeky without “Marvel.” Well, you can but you shouldn’t. At Kinkstarter, we know that it’s always a long wait until the next Marvel movie is released. So we though we’d show you some ways to relieve the pressure. To scratch your itch. To… nope, I’m out of puns. So, I present: Geeky Sex Toys’ line of superhero equipment.


As you may expect by now, Geeky Sex Toys is big (ha!) on the dildos. Especially big is the “Incredible Dong.” But I guess it’s all in the name. Beautifully veined, like the superhero that served as its inspiration, this wide dildo is not for the weak. One of the reviews on their website actually stated that it was a bit too wide for her. So, definitely not a beginners-item. A bit less wide, but arguable even more awesome is the Moan-lnir. I really like the design of this one, it certainly hammers the point home! For more info and exact measurements, click the links below the pics.


But the two toys that really stood out to me, are of the more unusual types. In the previous posts on toys, I have mainly discussed plugs, dildo’s, and spanking equipment. These are most popular with the public, so creators have a tendency to run with those most. But at Geeky Sex Toys, they widened (this too is a pun, as you can see with the next toy) their range of toys a bit. Which resulted in some pretty awesome products.

Infinity Fist

I don’t know if you have seen that video that went semi-viral on social media? The one where people can make wax models of their hands? Well, if you purchased one of those, I know exactly where you can put it. (see what I did there?) To non-geeks, this “Infinity Fist” just looks like an ordinary fist. But if you’re up to-date on the latest Marvel movies, this toy holds the power to shake up everyone’s world. Also: I love that it is not simply one massive color, the marble (ha! Marvel/marble, I get it now!) effect makes this one of beauty. So, if you like having your toys and geekiness on display: this is the one fist to rule them all!

Take this! Geeky Sex Toys' Infinity fist


And from the “insertable,” we now move on to external stimulation. Penis-carriers among us might really like to try this thing of beauty. Though Spiderman is now played by a young kid, making your fantasies not only kinky but quite illegal, there are plenty of adult spiderman actors to imagine when you’re rubbing this thing. I love that they made this one, as I feel that “masturbation sleeves” (as they call it on the site) still have a bad reputation. Additionally, if some white stuff remains stuck on it, you can claim it’s part of the toy’s design! (No, seriously. take care to always clean your toys after you used them!)

Geeky Sex Toys' spider stroker

In conclusion

Geeky Sex Toys are the bomb! Yes, nothing more profound than that. If you are or know a kinky geek, you should really check out their website.

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