Bad Dragon makes dildo-fantasies come true

If you are going to do a fantasy-series, you will have to talk about Bad Dragon. So guess what’s up this week! Yes! We’re all about the beautiful, body-safe toys from the Bad Dragon shop! And not only are they safe, they’re also powerful, as can be seen in this awesome video .

So, now that we have learned that these dildo’s have the power to light an entire town on fire, I’ll show you some of my favorite Bad Dragon creations. The lovely thing about this shop is that they’re quite gender neutral in both their language and their designs. Their categories include not only Dildo’s but also masturbators (or fleshlights) and “wearables” for penis-carrying folk, as well as “packers” for penis-buying folk. For this post, however I will focus on the dildo’s, as they are the true pieces of art.

Bad Dragon under the (Japanese) sea

The Zaratan, first introduced in the above Youtube video that was inspired by Japanese monster movies, not only has a unique (and effective?) design, it comes in a variety of glow-in-the dark colors. And as it is the dildo of the month January, it seems fitting to start with this one. The Zaratan shows everything that is unique about the Bad Dragon brand: their designs are way more than attempts to copy the human penis and are truly creative. If you are thinking of creating a toy-collection to display in your living room, definitely check out their website.

Staying with the Japan-theme: you cannot think about Japanese porn without thinking about tentacles, right? So. For all you tentacles-fans out there: Bad Dragons has just the thing for you! Ika is a tentacle dildo with, of course, a suction cup. (Yes, the suction cup is a feature on many of their dildo’s, but can you blame me for talking about it in relation to the tentacles?) Again, the design is beautiful, and I can think of many uses for this shape. Also, it comes in different colors, including glow in the dark and glitter! (I see you, little one!)

Bad Dragon Ika tentacle dildo
Bad Dragon’s Ika tentacle dildo

Bad Dragon, from the cute end…

The littles out there might be shivering right now. And if you are, I’m sorry little one. But even if you don’t want to put big bad monsters inside of you, you can find something in this shop. Not only do all these dildos come in rainbow colors, you can combine the rainbow colors with a unicorn-horn called the Mystic! I hope that I made things up to you this way.

Less cute, but even more harmless is the egg plug. I really like the symbolism here, though I wonder if one of these butt plugs will actually sprout a mini-dragon-dildo at some point. Anyway. Though there is nothing new about egg-shaped butt plugs with a flared base, these are the prettiest I’ve seen so far. And the best part? Almost all of them are sparkly!

Bad Dragon sparkly egg butt plug
The eggplug

… To the great beyond!

And now for the real monsters. This is where the dragons really got creative. Winston’s tongue, for example, not only is actually recognizable as a tongue, the convenient flared base is shaped like a dragon’s mouth. And the Xerxes, Hunter and Apollo… I don’t know what those designs were based on, but it’s clear to see their purpose is pleasure. The combination of functionality, fantasy and beauty in this shop is quite impressive. And as you can choose the size and firmness of the dildo’s, the possibilities are endless.

Speaking of functionality: some of the Bad Dragon dildo’s come with one extra trick I have not discussed before. For those who enjoy the sensation of ejaculation: the squirts come with a “Cumtube feature,” and ejaculate lube! If that’s not a fantasy, I don’t know what is.

Bad Dragon Ejaculating Dildo

In conclusion

Though the pictures speak for themselves, and it is the aesthetic that first caught my eye, any body-safe and gender neutral sex toy company deserves some support and attention. The many different options (color, size, firmness, suction cup, and the “cumtube feature”) make these dildo’s customizable for your own needs and preferences. And seriously, this should inspire everyone to take their toys out of the chest and into the display case, right? Whether you prefer glittery rainbow unicorns or to be torn apart by a dragon tongue, check out the Bad Dragon webshop. And if you want to “pack” or are looking for a masturbator, keep an eye out for a future blogpost on those categories!

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