Jack Vettriano: sexy paintings and kinky prints

Jack Vettriano, the painter of beaches and romantic dances… And less famously, of kinky scenes! Though his most famous painting is the Singing Butler, Vettriano seems to have a thing for corsets, stockings and sex workers (see here for his exhibitions). And occassionally he takes it a bit further. Some of his paintings include definite themes of dominance and submission, fetish and other kinks. And as his work is distributed not only in their original forms but in affordable prints, I thought I’d tell you all about Jack Vettriano’s art it in this post.

Jack Vettriano and his taste in clothes

If you’re wondering whether I make it up, just check out “a kind of loving” below and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The figure is literally embracing costumes: you cannot get more literal than that. In the second picture “Heaven or hell,” the woman asks you to choose between two corsets. And with “The perfectionist” the man seems to be setting the scene, rearranging the chair and the woman sitting on it to construct a perfect scene.

And then, as the cherry on top, there’s the painting “fetish,” where a man stairs at the lower half of a woman’s barely dressed body, whilst having a smoke with his face dangerously close to a high-heeled foot. The interesting thing is that these are all pretty inconspicuous paintings, separately, but for a fetishists the prints can provide just the right amount of sexiness to add some kink to the walls of the living room.

A taste for blindfolds?

This next category is a little bit less inconspicuous, and more for the out-and-proud kind of kinkster. Though still rather subtle and not much BDSM-y, the blindfolds add some kink to the intimate scenes depicted in “A strange and tender magic II” and “Wicked games.” There’s not much power play going on here, but the sensory deprivation in combination with the caring gestures of the characters do give these paintings a kinky feel.

Tasting the D/s elements

And last but not least: these are paintings that belong more in the secluded areas of the house. I don’t imagine many people would like their parents or siblings to study these up close. “Not identified II” and “Setting new standards” appear to be all about introducing a new woman (submissive?) into an existing heterosexual relationship (especially the first one). “The administration of justice” is definitely about power play.

And for the bondage-enthusiasts, “Scarlet ribbons, lovely ribbons” shows a woman tied to a painter’s easel. The dark backgrounds and abundance of candles in these paintings add a bit of a dungeon-feel. But still, in typical Vettriano-style, they are simultaneously comfortable and exhilarating, sexy and intimate. Yes, if you want to introduce more kink into your house itself, Vettriano’s prints are certain to add some kinky mystique.

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