Second week of Kinktober 2020 – happy comforts

Anyone who’s heard of Kinkstarter knows that we LOVE kinktober. So, in this post, I’ll give you the round up of my favorite artworks with the #kinktober, from the second week of kinktober 2020!

For those not in the know: this is what Kinktober is about.

In the month of October, artists upload a new work every day (or attempt to). These artists follow “prompts,” lists of themes with every kink imaginable. The idea is that everyone creates an artwork around the same theme. However, there are many prompt lists out there, so there is a huge variety in the themes that showed up in our timeline.

But enough introducing, let’s dive right into my favorite submissions in the second week of kinktober 2020!

Dancing.oak’s “Spanking”

With all the negativity and darkness in the world, this year I (apparently) really feel drawn to the artworks that make me smile. I like the simple joy in this one. There’s no pretense, no roleplay, this spanking’s just fun! And yes, @dancing.oak, maybe things could be said about the proportions. But the point of kinktober is to produce artworks at a very high pace. Which means that if you want perfection, you better not have anything else going on in your life. So: don’t be too hard on yourself. Anyway, in addition to the joy, what I love about this is the character and personality that can be found in the details: the angle of the spanker’s foot, both character’s faces, the shape of the spankee’s hair and body… This is fun, cute, and everything that kinktober should be.

Helllzart’s Isolated/Fear

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🌹"Where are you, my prince?"🌹 Lost is very curious and wants to try out all sorts of things… Might have overdone it with sensory deprivation. As she starts feeling the fear of abandonment, she tries calling out for Prince. He notices her distress and starts consoling her, showing her that he would never leave her like that. Day 13 of Kinktober X OC_Tober Kink Prompt: Isolated OC Prompt: Fear Using the prompt lists provided by @voi.zel and @rensbunnie ~ ⭐️ Follow @helllzart, if you want to see what comes next in the challenge!~ . . . . #kinktober #kinktober2020 #oc_tober #oc_tober2020 #artiskink20 #bdsmart #ropeart #bondageart #fetishillustration #ropepainting #tiedup #ropebondageart #gaggedgirl #damselindistress #bdsmcommunity #kinkcommunity #ddlgcomunity #ddlgprincess #sensorydeprivation #kinkyart

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I love kinky images that succeed in communicating the care between partners, and helllzart certainly manages to do that! Its suspension and sensory deprivation create a sense of “floating” that many people who have experienced these practices will recognize and appreciate. The use of color really highlights the rope bunny, whereas the “prince” almost blends into the background. Which makes sense, as the suspended character probably will not be able to hear his words, now will they? And no, I don’t think they overdid it with the sensory deprivation. The more, the merrier, I say.

Kappax_drawings’ Whips

There’s something about posing that is really kinky. And if you add a whip, well.. What I really like about this is that the shape of the arms, the jawline and facial expression and the stark contrast between black and white fields communicate strength and confidence. But the ears, the hug of the whip and the pose all show vulnerability. And yes, I’m a sucker for scifi, fantasy and steampunk, which means that I love the glasses around the character’s neck. This is really beautiful work.

Studiofugazi’s Lingerie

I like studiofugazi’s style, which means it took me a while to figure out which of their artworks I wanted to feature in this post. And even though in this second week of kinktober 2020 I found some works on their Instagram that I felt were better executed, this one really stuck. Again: that’s because it made me smile. This is not just because of the sheer detail of the lingerie that is the topic of this work, it’s the proportions and dialogue. Confronted with a Domme that gorgeous, I too would feel tiny next to her. And I think the artist is really onto something with the dialogue here: foreplay should be AT LEAST as long as preparation.

Kikitoon_’s Moaning

This one I think is great, simply because of it’s originality. When it comes to the “moan” prompt, what most artists go for is a mouth. But this artist managed to capture the actual moan! The blending of different expressions in the text balloon really reflects the lack of logic and focus that characterizes most moans. And there’s something about the shape of the balloon itself that reminds me of a person in fetus position, which just really works!

_kassloneart_’s SM

This one’s fun. The eyes really tell you the character’s deep into subspace. They represent the “SM” theme maybe even more clearly than the toys. Speaking of the toys.. As the one exception in most kinky art, pet play usually is shown in the kind of happy playful style that I feel drawn to this year. And this one doesn’t. (I love exceptions). This work shows utter and clear submission. The tension on the leash and the muzzle itself, of course, do much to add to that. But when the face is half-covered, it’s really difficult to show facial expression. And apparently, _kassloneart_ really got that skill down.

Satyaki_who_draws’ Kinktober 02

This is the most yummy work I found in the second week of Kinktober 2020. There’s the elegant “come hither” pose, the curves of the body, the casual holding of the whip… I like the “red cross” background that copies the nipple covers. And the sheer lingerie hinted at with a few well-positioned lines. This artist really knows how to capture the human body on paper. I wouldn’t mind having this hanging over my sick-bed. On a different note, do you think that sexy nurse costumes are the est-sold fetish outfits of 2020?

Second week of kinktober 202 roundup

This post, celebrating the second week of kinktober 2020, really was a collection of happy, funny and comforting artworks. Kink can be edgy and sharp and dark, yes. But it can also be about pleasure and fun! A special thanks to the artists who gave me permission to show their work, and who make this job so much fun. This really is one of my favorite months of the year. And if you want to celebrate with me, keep an eye on my instagram story (where I share my favorite submissions every day).

And if you can’t get enough, check out my earlier Kinktober posts: Kinktober 2019 and the First week of Kinktober 2020.

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