Kinktober 2019, or: the ABC’s of Kink

If you follow Kinkstarter on Instagram or Pinterest, you will already know that for a month, we were obsessed with Kinktober. If you do not, let me explain what Kinktober is.

For the month of October, artists uploaded a new work every day (or attempted to). Kinktober is a version of “Inktober,” where every artist using an “inky” medium (illustrators, writers, tattoo artists…) can contribute. They follow “prompts,” lists of themes with (for Kinktober) every kink imaginable. The idea is that everyone creates an artwork around the same theme. However, there are many prompt lists out there, so there is a huge variety in the themes that showed up in our timeline. Here are some of the Kinktober promptlists we saw being used:

Artists used a variety of media and platforms to create and distribute their awesome Kinktober contributions. However, this Kinktober we focussed on pictures (illustrations, sketches and paintings) posted to Instagram. Because even limiting to one artform and one platform, there were plenty of works to admire. At Kinkstarter, we checked the #kinktober every day, and made a Pinterest board featuring our favorite 344 !!!! images. However, a blogpost with 344 images would be a bit much.

So… Instead, we give you the A-Z of Kinktober 2019. The 26 funniest, sexiest, kinkiest and most beautiful #kinktober images of 2019. Organized in such a way to produce a Kinky alphabet. Here we go!


Let’s start with aftercare for a change. @blueeyedbetaart gave us a cute picture with a strong message: make sure your dom gives you aftercare. (And, I would add, if they don’t: communicate your needs!) The kinktober aftercare pictures were as varied as the forms of aftercare themselves. They depicted cuddling, taking baths, and bandages. But this picture was my absolute favorite representation of aftercare. The lines as well as the characters communicate care and comfort. Everything aftercare should be.

Body modification

With the stretched ear and back-covering tattoo, @suziesamico‘s contribution to Kinktober would certainly fall in the category of body modification. And the amount of details caused it to be on my mental list of Kinktober favorites since I first saw it on October fourth. It’s the pattern shaved into the bottom of the skull, with the lines in the transition from skull to neck that really caught my eye. As well as the texture of the hair (really makes me want to touch it!). And I love the tattoo itself. When you look at the flower on the right side, you see how the shape of the body changed the appearance of the flower, incredibly well done. But the type of body modification that is most kinky, is the corset. This character has a beautiful waist. That’s the part I really fell in love with. This really is a beautiful piece.


Collars were featured in almost every kinktober prompt. And this seems quite logical, they are one of the main symbols of the various BDSM communities! So, there was a lot to choose from, but I did manage to pick a favorite. In this picture by @keicaiart a lot is going on. The colors are subdued with a few splashes of brightness. However, there is an incredible amount of different shapes, textures and objects in this one image. But the one thing that really stands out is the slave. Their dress, pose and the looseness of the leash really communicate submission to me. Nice work!


It is always amazing to me how much a good artist can communicate using just a few lines. And this picture by @entwined_ink is the perfect example. Whereas the previous picture managed to communicate submission, this one shines in its depiction of Dominance. It is the contrast between the two characters that makes this picture work. Though the sub is depicted in full (including nipple clamps and a face turned toward the viewer), the Dom is basically shoes and a newspaper. And still, it is the Dominant that caught my eye. This casual use of a sub/bottom/slave, which forces them to keep their attention on you whilst you are busy doing other things, in my opinion is the ultimate proof of power exchange.

Edge play

Knife play. The original (and literal) edge play. “Edge play” can mean a whole lot of things and is basically used for activities that carry more risk (highly subjective). And @theetasteofkink is not kidding when they say “Knife play: consensual danger for sexy psychos who like to play with stabby things.” Which I think is a great discription! I should let them name my blogposts from now on. Soo, what I like about this depiction of edge play is the way the artist nailed the facial expressions. As a sub, it’s important to stay perfectly still. And because of the risk involved, often get hyperaware of every touch. So in a way, you need to focus, but inwardly. From the dom-side of things, you basically want to avoid cutting major arteries (unless you have both consented to that, of course). So yeah, it kind of makes sense that the dom has their eyes open and the sub closed. Would be a bit too edgy for my taste if it was the other way around. Anyway, the inward vs outward focus is perfectly captured in these sketches, earning @theetasteofkink a place of honor in this perverted gallery.


The artist selected for “feet” did not get back to me yet, so I do not have permission to share their work.


I love Russianbeara’s account. This picture was posted on both Instagram and Twitter, but as the Twitter version wasn’t censored, I decided to go with the more naughty one. So.. This picture.. Well, what is not to love about it? For those who are into gay male kink, all of @russianbeara’s contributions to Kinktober provided some relieve from the female presenting bodies that dominated (ha! pun intended!) this month. And this particular image is absolutely gorgeous. The depiction of hair is perfect, as you would expect from someone who uses “bear” in their handle. The body hair covers the right body parts without overshadowing, the sub has perfectly groomed facial hair and the “bangs” provide a splash of color. Furthermore, the character’s poses make perfectly clear who’s boss. And I can’t get over the eyebrows! They give the submissive’s face a helpless expression. And let’s face (xD) it: it’s not easy to show expressions in a blindfolded and gagged face. This is truly impressive.


Whereas with “Dominance” I raved about lines, this one is all about the dots. There were a lot of heels to choose from, but the method @raevamp used makes this one unique. The play of light on the shoes and foot is stunning. And the ankle cuffs provide some extra kink for the people among us who do not have a shoe or foot fetish. Also: note the title of this work. Stilet-toes? I’m a big fan of kinky puns, so for me raevamp wins the price for best title. (Sorry raevamp, the only price I can give out right now is the best-title-title.)

Impact play

As I said: a lot of collars in kinktober. But this one is not about collars, it’s all about the hands. Many artists have a problem drawing them. However, @carl_embalzado clearly does not run from a challenge. In addition to the sub’s there is seven more in the process of spanking. And though the description says they are meant to convey a rapid spanking, suggesting only one spanker, I can’t help imagining a spanking orgy here. Hmm.. Anyway, back to the picture. Though the sub’s body is absolutely beautiful, it is again the expression that makes this one a winner. The eyes and mouth clearly show pain, but there is definitely something else… The ultimate masochist facial expression, I would say…


I don’t think any activity is more juicy than “face sitting,” and the most perfect depiction of this was created by @cin_censored. The balancing of pastel colors and the solid black background makes it kind of cute, but with an edge. The texture in the shirt and the crumpling of the tie are nice touches. And the way the white lines are used to convey depth is quite brilliant. But that’s not my favorite part. In this picture, the facesitter is literally crawling over their facesittee to lead them to the right spot. I love this. It is the positioning of the left leg that makes this an amazing and kinky image. Which I think is quite interesting, with all the bodyparts going around when two people get together, for one of them to communicate a whole story… Isn’t that beautiful? I do kind of worry about the right foot though… What exactly is it resting on?

Kinks misc

Though it doesn’t technically fall into any other kink category, using another person as an ashtray is certainly kinky. And this beautiful picture, therefore, deserves to be included in this post. My_name_is_ald does a lot of work with high heels, but with this drawing they show that these can certainly be combined with other kinky activities. I really like the linework in this one. And the black nails and shoe really tell you a lot about the character that is otherwise outside of this picture. The image tells a great story and therefore deserves to be included in this list!

Latex and Leather

Latex and leather. The uniforms of the kink communities. And on the last day of kinktober, @ch1ronex provided us with a great interpretation of the first one! I particularly like the contrast between fields of black and the tiny details in the lace-ups. Interestingly, it is the empty spaces that make this work stand out. The “lacks” in the Dominant’s body and face and the suggestion of light on the latex makes the white parts of this black-and-white most fascinating. And I could write a whole blogpost about the possible significance of the lack of a dominant body beyond the outfit. Especially in contrast to the all-black sub. But I will not. Instead, I will shut up now and let you appreciate this beautiful work.


The artist selected for “make-up” did not get back to me yet, so I do not have permission to share their work.

Not technically a kink, but very impressive

And the “N” is for… Yeah, couldn’t figure that one out. (If you think of one, let me know!) But my cheeky working around the task of finding a kink with the letter “N” does mean I have the opportunity to share this great work by @meilous with you! As with “Dominance,” I love the way this artist, with a few straight lines, gives us the suggestion of roundness. Look at the shoulders and the breasts, but most of all the Top’s cheeks. The hair is flow-y and the wings, though black and pronounced, are rudimentary so that they frame rather than draw focus from the two characters. Everything in the composition of this picture directs your gaze in a certain way. And, seriously, how sexy is the Dom’s facial expression?

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Speaking of lines… This picture is all about them. It’s one of those cases where an artist takes the non-kinky Inktober prompts, and kinkifies them. Very successfull, I might add… Hm, Kinkify. Should use that word more often. Anyway, I love how in this picture ornament is used in three ways: the character is properly decorated, yes. But more than that, this character is clearly presenting themselves. The character (as well as the picture, when purchased and framed, which makes three) becomes the ornament. Also, the presentation is one of strength. Not in submission, but in pride. Reminds me a bit of the leather competitions.


And from strength, we go back to cute. There were a lot of plugs in Inktober artworks. And yes, a lot of them had something to do with pet play. But none of them were as cute and well executed as this one by @lm.artist. The baby blue, the soft lines, girlish figure and the white socks all make clear what type of kitten this is. The lined shadows work really well. And the play of light on the hair of both the ponytails and the kitty tail (ha!) are really subtle, adding to the softness of this overall picture. This is something I can imagine hanging in a little’s room. Because who says kinky and cute are mutually exclusive?


Sooo, I am not quite sure whether I feel intrigued or disturbed by the story accompanying this image. But whatever I am feeling, this is definitely worth a mention. And the one of the things I am certain of, is that I love the face and how it shows amusement and joy. Which is great to see depicted in a sexworker. And the way she holds her breast with her bottom hand. You can almost feel the sQueeze. Because yes, “Queen” would have been a more obvious choice. But this one is way more creative. And if Kinktober is about anything, it’s creativity, right? That, and driving artists into a burn-out.

Role play

You cannot spell kinktober2019 without @askandy. Well, you know what I mean.. This self-proclaimed “Artist & Rebel”not only provided the most popular list of Kinktober prompts on Instagram, they created some of the most stunning pin-ups for this challenge. If you’re a fan of pin-up, you should really check their Instagram feed. I know I am starting to sound like a broken record, but again: I love the facial expressions in this one. The dom’s proud look straight at the viewer, the pet completely focussed on their owner… Also, the suggestion of movement in the bowl and the detail in the top’s bodice.. And of course I should mention the hands (always tricky) as well as the knees and ankles (less notoriously so, but still hardly ever done right). And if you like this one, swipe on and watch the video! Makes you appreciate this work even more.

Shibari, bondage and suspension

So. I love this one. And I promised you some fun, right? This picture answers as many questions as it brings up. It certainly explains Gargamel’s obsession with the Smurfs (it’s not just an obsession, it’s a kink!). And for all those people who have been wondering what smurfette’s hiding under her dress, this is extremely illuminating! But what green stuff is he going to fondue her in? And why does he look like he’s about to sneeze? Someone should really write this story for me. Maybe it can become part of the official Smurf lore?


The artist selected for “toys” did not get back to me yet, so I do not have permission to share their work.

Underwear and lingerie

An ape/orc with a six pack never looked so good! This one is more rough in style so makes a nice addition to our selection! The skull on the bottoms are a enticing, making you wonder what’s hiding beneath. I love the eyes on this one, as well as the way @monsterbaitme used color to suggest depth and movement.


Watching the watcher. I like it. The maid, usually the object of voyeurism, is here the voyeur. Who is depicted for us to watch. Voyeurception? So. @cheekydoodler really did a great job here! The frilly outfit, pursing of the lips and the round nose give this picture a cute feel. The left hand seems to say: “ohh, my!!” And the elven ears and bright eyes are a nice twist. I like the suggestion of the wavy hairdo. And the sideboob makes it really hot. Also, the character does not appear to wear any bottoms. And I really wonder where that one right hand is going..?


The artist selected for “wax” did not get back to me yet, so I do not have permission to share their work.

Xenophilia (attraction to unknown/foreign objects and people (creatures?))

Yes @hannahthebird, we really like the colors too! And this one fit with both body modification and xenophilia. Because I think everyone would agree that a “demongirl” is quite “other,” isn’t it? The contrast of the yellows and blues is lovely, but what I think makes this really great is the way the artist used them to create texture and depth. Especially in the cheekbones,eyes and the points of the ears. The fishnets provide a lovely touch, and with a ring as huge as the one this character has on their collar, I wonder how many owners/doms they have? That ring can fit a lot of fingers, leashes, ropes and chains!


No picture depicting choking and asphyxiation conveys the essence of asphyxiation as well as this Kinktober picture by @ecchi_mosi. The eyes are amazing, and even without the tears they have a sense of desperation. The strength of the hand, the softness of the hair… and the position of the eyebrows… This artist really knows how to draw an expressive picture! and I love that it’s all done in red. Fits well with the Kinkstarter theme πŸ˜‰

bootZZZ??? (no, sorry, I can’t think of any kink with the letter Z…)

This is probably the most SFW (Safe for work) picture in this blogpost. This image is only really kinky if you know a little bit about the leather community. But I really love the image and the strength and affection @itsnerooo managed to communicate with it. This image is all about care: care for a partner (no matter how temporary the partnership), care for equipment and care inside the communities… This is where kink becomes part of a lifestyle, instead of an occassional transgression. It is incorporating kink in aspects of your life beyond the bedroom. (Though if you prefer to restrict it to occassional kinkiness, I am certainly not one to judge…)

In Conclusion….

I am out of letters. So I guess this is it. A month-long obsession coming to an end… I really have the utmost respect for everyone who kept up with the Kinktober (and, yes, Inktober) challenges. Especially those who produced new works every day for 31 days! Putting together this post was a lot of work, but nothing compared to what you put yourselves through.

I really think this Kinktober was a great success. These 26 beautiful works are just the tip of the iceberg, though. If you cannot get enough, check out Kinktober board on Kinkstarter’s Pinterest. And share the love!

And I cannot wait until Kinktober 2020. See you then!

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