Erotic Jewelry to bling up your sex-life

You’ve got to love the French. They gave us the Marquis de Sade, the Story of O, and Sylvie Monthulés erotic jewelry. Now, her name may not sound as familiar, and her website difficult to find, but Sylvie knows her stuff. She makes the most beautiful (and in some cases effective) intimate jewelry for people with male or female sexual organs. Though not hardcore BDSM, her jewelry definitely counts as artistic. I can see many ways in which it can be used for play, both inside and outside of the home.

Exciting pleasure

In the blog and descriptions of the jewelry on the website, pleasure is on the forefront. Like with the blog on the new piece of jewelry subtly titled “Excite Clitoris”. I myself cannot imagine what that would do. 😉

In the announcement on the blog, this jewel is talked about in terms of self-pleasure and control over your own sensations:

A revolutionary clitoris jewel that will captivate all women who are devoted to this small organ, with very special attention. With the jewel “Excite Clitoris”, it is you who control the intensity of your pleasure, it is you who decide the degree of caresses ! Sylvie Monthulé has also included in the presentation of the jewel, a small video testifying to it’s delicious effects !


It’s beautiful design would definitely put it in the realm of erotic jewelry. But its potential for inducing pleasure is an important element of this piece. It not only showcases the clitoris by “framing” it with something that can almost be descibed as a traditional picture frame; the ball (also not an unusual element in jewelry) offers potential for masturbation. The blog is also very helpful in pointing out some ways in which the jewel can be used:

This marvelous jewel, which you ch[o]ose in Gold or Silver plating, with an elastisized G-String, will be as comfortable as a thong and you will be able to savor all the sensations, as soon as you wish it : in the intimacy of your room, lying on your bed… or comfortably sitting in front of your mirror to visualize the beauty of your pleasure… or more discretely under your evening dress !


Yes, I can definitely see ways in which this can be used in play. Both by one’s self or with partner(s).

Kinky Jewelry

Some of the pieces are more jewelry than toy, like the male and female version of a locked cage:

Though apparantly designed with no other intention than for visual pleasure, it is easy to see some light kinky references here, with the locked caged idea. And again, not difficult to see how this could spice up play, or a nice dinner with the inlaws, for example.

More sexually purposeful is Sylvie Monthulés “penetrating jewelry”, again in versions both for men and women. Though in some cases women might be lucky, since they can more easily shop for themselves in the men‘s department as well. Here’s a collection of some of my favorite pieces in the “penetrating” category:

Not-a-piercing erotic jewelry

And then, there is the non-piercing piercings, that can both increase sensations and be worn discretely. In this category there are some stunning pieces like these four:

In conclusion, Sylvie Monthulés erotic jewelry website is definitely worth checking out. To drive that point home, I will end this post with a selection of my favorite pieces, let’s call it: going out in style.

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