Kinkstarter’s first birthday: top 10 posts (so far)

This week marks Kinkstarter’s first birthday! In the last year I published 46 posts (yes, I’ve been bad), over 500 followers found the Kinkstarter social media, I started the Kinkstarter Flipboard magazine to help you keep track of the latest BDSM blogposts and started a sister-blog on my kinkresearch. On this blog, I’ve posted about books, films, jewelry, sex toys, and non-sex sexy toys… And to celebrate, this week I decided to look back on my ten favorite posts from the last year!

10. GlowFuckYourself butt-plugs

One of my favorite sex-toy brands is GlowFuckYourself, a business dedicated to producing humerous buttplugs. In the post I wrote about it in September 2019, I discussed my favorite ones, in four different categories: funniest, geekiest, meant to play games with and to turn your partner into a mindreader. So check out the original post for more!

9. Fifty Shades of Alice short stories

Fifty Shades of Alice Trilogy

My second pick for Kinkstarter’s first birthday post is a trilogy of kinky short stories. The Fifty Shades of Alice books are a kink-positive retelling of the classic fairytale. They made me snicker, laugh, raise my eyebrows.. and I actually learned something! These books are a quick read, where the author finds humerous ways to cram all possible fetishes and kinks into a well-known narrative. I think it’s pretty cool! So check out the original post if you want to know more.

8. 3x Neflix

3x Netflix on Kinkstarter

Kinkstarter’s first birthday just happens to fall in a global social distancing period. So what better post to mention than the time where I listed my three favorite kinky things to watch on Netflix? In this post, I recommended a documentary (Sex&Love Around the World), a Stephen King movie (Gerald’s Game) and a Netflix original tv show (Bonding). Now, that should help you through these times, right?

7. The Sunstone Graphic Novels

This is one of the first posts I ever wrote for Kinkstarter, on March 31st 2019. The post is about the best thing on the internet: the graphic novel series Sunstone, which started on Deviantart. The author is still working on it and regularly uploads new pages, but they’re also available in published form. (yes, I do have both the paperbacks and hardcovers. Sue me.) So check out this original post if you want to know more!

6. Kushiel’s Legacy

I couldn’t do this post for Kinkstarter’s first birthday without mentioning my favorite ever fantasy book series: Kushiel’s legacy. In this fantasy-world, sex and love are sacred. And the strong female main character just happens to be a natural masochist and sex-worker! What’s more, she uses her work as a professional submissive to uncover state secrets and save the country. Now, if that doesn’t make for a kinky success-story, I don’t know what does. Read more here.

5. My Awkward Sexual Adventure

Though not entirely a BDSM movie, this is a sex-positive comedy with a BDSM scene. So that’s good enough for me. As the cover says: this is “undoubtedly the funniest Canadian sex comedy ever made.” Now, I don’t know how many contenders there are in that category… But it’s certainly true that here BDSM is key in a comedic narrative without being ridiculed. So yes, this is just a very funny movie. And BDSM is shown to be conductive to a happy sex-life. Which is why this is one of my favorite movies ever. And if you still don’t understand why, read this post.

4. Sylvie Monthulés erotic jewelry

Sylvie Monthulé takes sex-toys to a whole new level. This company makes the most stunning erotic jewelry for any gender. In my blogpost about their webshop, I listed my favorite pieces of jewelry, both decorative and functional. And I still think their shop is incredible. As far as I know there’s nothing like it. So to see my favorites, definitely check out this blogpost!

3. 3x Classic BDSM movies

For my third favorite blogpost celebrating Kinkstarter’s first birthday, we have another 3x-list. Because you cannot have a blog discussing BDSM cultural products without discussing the classics! In this post from August (which was Classics month on Kinkstarter), I recommended the films Secretary, Venus in Furs and Quills. Because the Marquis de Sade (sadism), Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (masochism) and Maggie Gyllenhaal can certainly be mentioned in the same sentence. Check it out here!

2. BDSM-fan dollhouse furniture

BDSM fan dollhouse furniture on Kinkstarter

And now for a more recent one. In February I presented to you dollhouse furniture. Because this find gave me an immense amount of joy. They have St Andrew’s crosses, spanking benches and medieval torture equipment. As well as kinky clothes for barbies. I mean, how awesome is that! Read more here.

1. Kinktober 2019

Kinktober on Kinkstarter
Kinktober on Kinkstarter

But my favorite blogpost from the past year was inspired by something I was not responsible for. After “inktober” which is used by artists to challenge themselves to create something new every day of the month October, kinky artists invented “kinktober” and I wrote an alphabetized blogpost about my favorite kinktober submissions. If you are about to leave the Kinkstarter blog, at least first check out this Kinktober post. Because artists are awesome.

Kinkstarter’s first birthday wrap-up

In conclusion, it has been a wonderful year for Kinkstarter. I am so excited about all the kinky stuff I got to share with you! And even more excited about the wonderful things I have still to share.

As always, if you have any suggestions or want to collaborate with me, just send me a message through the contact form. Follow me on social media, WordPress or e-mail to get updates on the latest posts and finds.

And most of all: keep it kinky!

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