Getting to “YES!!” – an Awkward Sexual Adventure

When the love of your life keeps falling asleep during “gentle time”, you know you’re in trouble. So what else can you do – after she breaks up with you – other than simply getting drunk in a strip club and begging one of the strippers to teach you about pleasing women so you can win your ex back? Sounds like a solid plan, right? Well, that’s the premise of one of my favorite ever movies: My Awkward Sexual Adventure.

The Awkward Story

Protagonist Jordan is an accountant who has figured out how to have sex in the missionary position, but not much beyond that. And even this he does not do well. After Rachel (whom he has been in love with since age 12) breaks up with him because of their terrible sex life, he decides to visit his friend in Toronto and ends up befriending stripper Julia. Jules quickly figures out he does not necessarily need to study the Kamasutra; but rather needs a good dose of liberation and breaking with norms: a sexual adventure.

Whilst Jordan’s best friend is busy falling in love (though not too distracted to play catch with Jordan in order to be able to shave off his pubic hair), Julia uses cooking classes and outings in drag to get Jordan out of his comfort zone. And BDSM-like imagery such as bondage and spankings to get him to speak up and express himself. See this short clip:

The Awkward, Sexual Message

This film is definitely a comedy. But when read in the light of sexual education, it has some pretty serious messages. This movie is sex positive, not afraid to speak out in favor of people’s right to be a sex worker, and seems to argue for experimentation and letting go of norms without ignoring the risks. And without vilifying more “extreme” forms of play. This is quite an enjoyable and fun movie, and I would recommend it to anyone with even a slightly sex-positive attitude.

And for a conclusion, I’ll just share my favorite scene in the movie: Julia teaching Jordan cunnilungus on a Cantaloupe. Definitely awkward, and an absolute sexual adventure. Enjoy!

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