Pretty in Kink – a mommy-little girl romance

With the sun finally coming out, I thought it was time for some light summer reading. And Rebekah Weatherspoon‘s At Her Feet is just that: a very light-hearted and sweet Mommy-little girl romance novel. Girl meets Mami, falls in love, they run into some problems here and there, but in the end succeed in finding a balance in their relationship that works for everyone. Quite a predictable structure, but that does not mean it’s boring.

Mommy-little girl novel

With all the BDSM fiction I have devoured over the past years, I have come to realize that the Mommy/Daddy Dom fetish is not heavily represented. I picked up this book mainly out of curiousity, to see what could be the draw in a relationship like this. In this case, it is not about age play: there are no diapers or bottles whatsoever. Rather: submissive Suzy claims that her inner little-girl is just somewhat more young and innocent than her professional (and overworked) alter-ego Suzanne is.

So what does the Mommy-little girl dynamic mean? Well, in this case that Dominant Pilar likes to pamper her sub with hugs; cuddles; home cooked meals; pretty dresses (Pilar’s a stylist in Hollywood); and the occassional spanking. Suzanne, who had been in a relationship with a Sadist before and realized she needed more love and care in a relationship, describes one of their weekends like this:

I’m deep in my submission for the rest of the weekend. Pilar lets me stay in her bed Saturday night. She feeds me Sunday morning and keeps me naked on my knees, by her side all day long. When she puts me to bed that night, I’m feeling loved and precious.

Did I say something about it being sweet already? Well, it is. Now, we do get to hear a lot about Suzanne’s job as a manager in digital marketing. And when her job becomes draining, the relationship is put under pressure. This is not to say that the book claims you cannot have a career ánd be a sub at the same time. Rather, that demanding jobs have a tendency to stress people out, which is not an unusal claim, I would say. The book addresses issues related to trust in BDSM relationships; transfobia in the communities; balancing care and play; the differences and similarities between girlfriend and Domme/sub; and balancing your life within and outside of the D/s dynamic… But what it mostly does is make you root for the characters… And sometimes wish for a bit more kinky mommy-little girl action.

And now for some critical spankings

Though the form of their relationship puts this novel squarely within the realm of BDSM fiction, it’s quite light on the kinky sex scenes. There’s definitely a strong Dom/sub dynamic here. However, the activities do not go much further than spankings as foreplay. After that they quickly move on to vanilla lesbian sex scenes (though very hot and described in exquisite detail). The author actually addresses this as well. In a conversation at the absolute end of the book, Suzy and Pilar discuss that they would like to explore Suzy’s masochistic side more in this relationship. Well, I for one would have liked her to have explored her masochistic side a bit earlier on in the book. 😉

So, do not expect needles and cages, but if you have a day or two to spare for a cute, lesbian mommy-little girl D/s romance novel, At Her Feet‘s the book for you. Also: it has a very inconspicuous cover, so you can actually take it to the beach!

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