Geeky Sex Toys – the Halloween edition

I have really been excited to share Geeky Sex Toys with you, because they are one of my absolute favorite sex toys creators. And as they have a line of Halloween products I figured this would be the perfect time to introduce you to them. So, here it is. Halloween Sex Toys!

Geeky Sex Toys’ Pumpkin spice

Let’s start traditionally: with the pumpkins. Whether you like to stuff or be stuffed from front or back, Geeky Sex Toys has a pumpkin for you. I never got the whole thing about vegetables. (It’s a form of sitophilia: sexual arousal from food. I looked it up. YKINMKBYKIOK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is OK.)) And I always thought it was more cucumbers etc rather than pumpkins. But no matter what you think about sexual attraction to vegetables, you cannot deny that these toys are Halloween-y. Also, maybe someone can carve me a dildo this week?

Both of these are made from hypoallergenic silicone (which is a big deal for the allergics amongst us who do not have a kink for itching and anaphylectic shock).

Speaking of pumpkins, here’s another treat. If the hundreds of buttplugs from GlowFuckYourself didn’t do it for you, here’s a glow in the dark, gold colored, scary pumpkin plug. Yep, this is the thing you never knew you needed until this moment.

Geeky sex toys halloween butt plug

Kinkstarters’ favorite Halloween monsters

And what is Halloween without monsters? If you like a thrill, and love to mix in some fear with your play, these are the ones for you. Also, they’re kind of cute. So something for the littles out there?

Ghosting takes on a whole new meaning with this dildo. And the ball gag is perfect for brats: they can still show their devil-side, even if they can no longer speak. I really love these! And now I can hear you thinking: but how about the necrophiliacs? Isn’t Halloween the perfect holiday for people who have a thing for the corpses? Or better yet, the undead? To that, I would say: yes. Yes, you are absolutely correct. So for the necrophiliacs with an itch to scratch, here’s the death-section: a silicone paddle and cock ring.

In conclusion

If there is one holiday the kinksters do well, it’s Halloween. Which makes sense because sexy costumes do form a kind of overlap. And if you want to get really freaky this Halloween, than you should definately check out the entire Halloween collection from Geeky sex toys! And then continue to check out the rest of their amazing store. Or, you could always wait for my new blogpost on the other Geeky Sex Toys themes in a few months!

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