Penumbra fetish accessories: for the delicate flowers

If you prefer a more delicate sub-aesthetic like princess, sissy or maid, then chances are you feel most accessories are a bit too clunky for you. However, do not despair. At Kinkstarter, we found the perfect webshop for you! Penumbra sells all of the basics, in gorgeous designs. Whether you’re looking for cuffs, collars or straitjackets, you should check out this Austria-based store. And if you’re not convinced yet, I’ll give you a few examples of what they have to offer.

Penumbra’s Classic Collection

With all the options on their site, I think it’s best to start with Penumbra’s classic collection. The simple black leather and the rings in the front make these the kinds of items you imagine when you think of “BDSM collars”. However, in all their beautiful simplicity, this collection makes it easy to see what shapes Penumbra has to offer. Ranging from decorative to posture, there’s a model here for every occasion. For example, I can see the No. 4 as the perfect every-day one for a pet, whereas the number 3 would look awesome with an under-bust corset during play.

The Bondage Collections

Though the “incision” was the first collection I ever came across, I think that with these five pictures you can see the wide range of items you can find in this webshop. All four styles are completely unique. I consider it my job to scour the internet for BDSM-stuff, but I’ve never seen anything like the “leather and lace” Bondage collection. Furthermore, “delicate” collection, that comes with bows in many different colors, is one of the cutests sets I’ve ever seen. And the fact that they decided to do the “Incision collection” in a vegan version as well is awesome. All these sets I showed you above come in different colors and with different texts. So, follow the links in the image captions and find your own favorite one!

Penumbra straitjackets

And last, but not least… Who doesn’t like a cute straitjacket? If it wasn’t for the closed sleeves, I could see these as part of just a general outdoor-outfit. Of course, however, the buckled sleeve-ends are precisely what make these functional. Anyway. Though I have a weakness for the traditional burlap-sack style straitjacket, I can definitely see the purpose of these. Not only are the fabrics fashionable, the lace-up back makes them more form-fitting. And the way the chest is revealed is certainly an upgrade from the old-fashioned classic. And some of the straitjackets (like the Denim above) even come with a matching skirt! What more could you possibly want?

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