Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Billie Piper and the kink-scene

If you are looking for your next favorite tv show to binge, one with a bit of humor, some irony, a variety of kinks, and a beautiful actress, you should check out the Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Billie Piper stars in this Showtime series. And yes, that is the same channel that brought you Billions. Apparently, they don’t shy away from a good spanking…

This show, based on an actual diary/blog, tells the story of Belle, a high-class call girl who really loves her job. Though some of her clients are quite vanilla, she prides herself on her skill to figure out what they actually want. So yes, there are orgies, and threesomes and comfortable massages over wine and chats. But already in the first episode, she figures out from some very subtle clues that one of her new regulars has a thing for horses. And what’s a girl to do, right, but to saddle up?

Secret Diary of a Slave Girl, horse scene

So yeah, in addition to the more mainstream sexiness we see Billie Piper engage in some kinky scenes. And in none more than the fourth episode of the first season, when she decides to try some domination.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl… Domme?

When chatting after a session, Belle finds out that her accountant feels she’s too nice in the bedroom. And this piques her interest, so, through her agent, she consults a professional Dominatrix. They hang out, drink tea, kick a slave… And a good time is had by all. In all seriousness, this talk is actually pretty cool. The domme turns out to be married, and her professor-husband hangs out with her in their dungeon-living room when she’s entertaining clients. According to her he is okay with this, as she doesn’t actually engage in “sex” with her clients. So what’s the harm? She also does a pretty good job explaining to Belle in about 3 sentences how comforting it is for clients to not be in charge. To which she responds “yes, I imagine it’s quite peaceful under the table…”

Anyway, Belle goes shopping, redecorates her room and negotiates a session with her accountant through e-mail. It all seems to go well, until she runs out of inspiration midway through their session and has to call her Dominatrix-friend. Luckily, her apartment is in need of cleaning, which means that we get another classic scene of a male slave in an apron scrubbing the toilet. However, she makes the mistake of taking a phone call and engaging in a fight with her best friend. Which results in a scene where she takes out her anger with a cane on the rib cage of her accountant. Who’s married. And who safewords three times before she stops. And, who, in his words, “doesn’t want scars.”

Critical spankings?

Yes, there’s a question mark there. On the one hand, it’s sad that we cannot get through a BDSM scene in a mainstream tv show without it going wrong in some way. On the other hand, it could have been worse.

It’s less the BDSM then the character Belle who comes across as the one at fault here. Her and her accountant’s relationship is still great, they are both very apologetic after. And Belle tells him she will refer him to someone else because this doesn’t turn out to be for her after all. Very amicable.

BDSM, for once, isn’t vilified, ridiculed or made into a terrible spectacle. It makes sense, that someone would want to give up control for a while. Everything is negotiated beforehand. Safewords are shown to be helpful for both Dominant and submissive. The writers have done their homework and the scenes are interesting and respectful. So, in conclusion: not bad at all!

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